Circle K International focuses on specific causes that benefit our community. Hence, we have different initatives that we focus on each year including one District Service Initiative (DSI), three District Fundraising Initiatives (DFIs), and one International Service Initiative (ISI).

District Service Initiative

CNH Circle K’s DSI for the 2019-20 term is Focusing on Education. Although education serves as a stepping stone for many to grow and learn, there are multiple schools across the district that are underfunded and underserved. It is a common trend for students in these underserved areas to fall behind grade level due to lack of resources both at home and at school. As quality education should be accessible to all, this year’s DSI aims to enhance and improve the educational experience of all students, from K-12 and college level to special education, in order to provide them the opportunities and resources they deserve.

District Fundraising Initiatives

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning youth.

Kiwanis Family House

The Kiwanis Family House strives to provide housing and support to families of seriously ill or injured children and adults being treated at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. The funds raised will go towards providing additional resources and improve the stay for these families so that they can be there to support.

Pediatric Trauma Program

The Pediatric Trauma Program aims to develop local projects which will reduce the number of children who are killed or injured by trauma. These projects include promoting community outreach, providing education materials, and assisting partner hospitals. The funds raised will go towards the end goal of preventing unintentional injury and death as well as providing safety items for children.

International Service Initiative

Circle K International's international service initiative is Focusing on the Future: Children. Focusing on the Future: Children, was designed to involve all CKI members in projects that address the problems and issues that face children worldwide, ages 6-13. A major project following this international service initiative is WASH - Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. This project aims to provide the schools and children of Haiti with the supply and education of clean drinking water, and hygiene and sanitation awareness.