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New Members Start Here!

Official Steps to Join:

1. Attend one social and one service event. Although not required, attending General Body Meetings is also highly recommended.

2. Register for our club through the Member Registration Form.

3. To become a member, please pay $30 (+1*) to our Venmo @SDSUCircleK.

*You can optionally donate an extra dollar to a district fundraising initiative of your choice!

What are the benefits of being a member?

1. Apply for elected and appointed board positions.

2. Attend Divisional, District and International Conferences and Conventions.

3. Apply for Grantville-Allied Garden Kiwanis Scholarships.

4. Receive priority for rides when attending various events for service, leadership, and fellowship.

5. Be a part the mentor/mentee system.

Where can I learn more about Circle K?

You can learn more about Circle K as a whole on the Circle K International website, our district at the California-Nevada-Hawaii District website, our division at the Paradise Division Facebook group, and more about us on our About page!

Where do I sign up?

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