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New Members Start Here!

Why Join SDSU CKI?

You can apply for elected & appointed board position! Helping out SDSU CKI grow and function!
You are able to attend Divisional, District, and International conferences and conventions!
You can apply for Grantville-Allied Garden Kiwanis Scholarships! That's a little less you have to get in loans!
You can join the mentor/mentee system! We pair you up with another SDSU CKI member to bond with!

How to Join!

Step #1

Attend one social & one service event! Joining us for our biweekly GBM's are not required, but its high recommended to attend to get to know your fellow members!

Step #2

Register through the Membership Form, which you can find here! Wow, so easy so far right?

Step #3

Lastly, pay $30 to the following Venmo: @SDSUCircleK
You can also optionally donate an extra dollar to a district funding initiative of your choice!
Note: If you attend Rush Week, contact a board member to see if you qualify for a discount!

You got this far? Welcome to CKI!

We hope to see you at our next event!

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